Importing is logistics and logistics suck. In fact, this part of the gig is far and away the least interesting thing we do.

The meaningful part of the work is supporting the grower and what they do – being the grower’s champion, advocate and friend. This is really what it’s all about. Funny almost no one talks about it.

Vom Boden is a small company, focusing on small growers, and it will stay that way. The heart of the portfolio is clearly in Germany, though we are proud to represent small estates in France and the U.S.

What is the unifying factor? They are all human-scaled wineries. They are small.

It’s impossible to overemphasize the importance to us of this “human scale.” Economies of scale make economic sense, but they also seem to neutralize the detail, the personality, the very thing we are searching for in wine.

All vom Boden winemaker/growers occupy a sort of periphery, either in terms of their geography or how they work in their respective geographies. Vom Boden: the center of the edge. Our growers work their vineyards in methods that respect their vineyards. This is less a matter of dogma and marketing, less a matter of being organic or biodynamic and more a matter of respect for the land, for doing things the right way. In Germany, it is often part and parcel of preserving sites which have been worked for generations, for the next generation. All in all the growers of vom Boden use rather non-interventionist methods – the clichéd “less is more” thing. The “geek sheets” for each producer (on their respective pages) will give you the details on exactly how each grower works.