Beurer Rose-a 13 Feb

Spring 2018 Rosé Offering

Rosé offers are the wine world’s own special version of consumerism gone mad. Like Christmas displays at department stores, every year the shit comes earlier and earlier. It’s a bit ludicrous and we all know it, but here we are. With... View Post

DSCN6980 16 Aug

the breakthrough vintage

2016 Seehof:        the breakthrough vintage Florian Fauth’s wines have always been good. They should be: Florian has amazing terroir and he’s the brother-in-law of Klaus Peter Keller, the Rheinhessen’s reigning king. Yet for the last few years,... View Post

Ulli email 20 Jun

the rare rosé of the Mosel: 2016 Stein

the cool-climate, mountain finesse of the Mosel, in a rosé This rosé is singular.              Literally. In an ocean of rosés from the warmest wine making regions on earth (Italy, Spain, CA, Provence), the Mosel’s joyful... View Post

20170324_210033 copy 14 Jun

The Monumental 2015s of JB Becker

the FINAL 2015 Offer – J.B. Becker HaJo (Hans Josef) Becker doesn’t mince words, so we won’t either.2015 was a historic vintage across all of Germany, and it was simply monumental at Becker. Sitting there, tasting these wines in the... View Post

keller in pettenthal 12 Apr

Keller: the paradigm beyond “GG” or “TBA”

Keller: the paradigm beyond “GG” or “TBA” 2016 Pettenthal Kabi /2016 Abtserde Spät (please note that these wines have sold out) If you want to make a “great” wine in the current German-wine hierarchy, you have two options. If you want to... View Post

20170324_131135 05 Apr

petnat ultra-light: introducing the brothers Brand

picture above right copyright Andreas Durst petnat ultra-light introducing the brothers Brand Pet Nat from Germany that tastes exactly like you’d hope it would. It’s like those you already know and love from France, but racier, leaner and more bracing…fresher.... View Post