J.B. Becker really doesn't care what you think
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These wines are like nothing else coming out of the Rheingau, period. For over 40 years Hans-Joseph Becker has made the wines he’s wanted to make with zero **** given to what was popular or fashionable. Finally the world is catching on…

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Stein's "hotel of the abyss"
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Stein is 95% brilliant, 5% crazy and does nothing -- NOTHING -- that is easy or obvious. One of the most inspiring figures in the Mosel, Stein is so much more than can be captured in the seven minutes and three seconds of video we are proud to present.

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Enderle & Moll unscripted
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Sven Enderle and Florian Moll began in 2007 with one hectare of old vines. In a very short period of time they have become among the most celebrated practitioners of Pinot Noir in Germany. Shit, even Jancis Robinson has called them "cult."

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Lauer: "drinky" isn't a word
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Florian Lauer must be one of the loudest freaking tasters, ever. Vacuums the world over would be jealous of this slurping cacophony. Delight in 33 seconds of this performance. Then he says "drinky" and we explain to him that "drinky" isn't a word... though it should be.

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Weiser-Künstler: love and magic
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Konstantin Weiser and Alexandra Künstler are worshiped by just about every winemaker in the Mosel. Their dedication to old vines and the forgotten steep slopes of the Mosel is simply awe-inspiring. They are beautiful people making magical wines. Listen...

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Goldtröpfchen und Wagner
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The forest ends and you find yourself at the top of one of the Mosel's grandest amphitheaters, the Goldtröpfchen. Our friend hung out the window with his camera and we set it all to Wagner's Flight of the Valkyries for no very good reason at all.

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Lauer: balance in the Saar
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Florian Lauer is a rock star and you just can't deny these wines. So let's just watch three minutes of Florian doing what he does and we'll all be better people for it. Say it: "steep mountain winemakers are heroes."

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